Library Philosophy And Goals

Libraries are necessary for every community from libraries for the communities’ members of the public to libraries for the communities’ schools from special educational, pre-school, kindergarten, elementary grade, middle grade and high school to university schools. They play a role in providing lessons, education, information and they provide whatever resources certain members of the public do not have or know how to find. Libraries are where people can find information and even fun materials. Not only books, but also music, movies, TV Seasons, TV Episodes and other materials are also available to educate and entertain. It is libraries’ responsibilities to help provide materials meant for these purposes to the communities they serve. I have been a volunteer for the Dupont Branch of The Allen County Public Library since June 2012 and have also been a patron there and at the Allen County Public Library’s Downtown Fort Wayne Building. I have also helped cause the community of Allen County of Fort Wayne to grow and flourish both by being a volunteer at the Dupont Fort Wayne Allen County Public Library branch and by having been a patron for both the Dupont and the Downtown Fort Wayne branches of the Allen County Public Library. As such, I also would like to offer such help from within a library as an actual employee, as well.

As far as libraries go, I recognize that they invest in making schools and other parts of communities a better place for every member of the public. It is imperative that the public knows this, because public and academic libraries are all places that are more than places where people can just check out books.

Libraries are also places that play very important roles in the lives of the public.