Library Portfolio Autobiography

My full name is James Benjamin Tracey, but I go by either “Benjamin” or “Ben” for short in the case of the latter.

When I was from three up to five years old, I was diagnosed with PDD Autism.

I attended Arlington Elementary School for Preschool, Lincoln Elementary School, Shawnee Middle School and Northrop High School, where I obtained a Core 40 Education and Core 40 Diploma in 2012.

After graduating high school, I started volunteer work at the Dupont Allen County Public Library branch in June 2012 and from there I worked until February 2017. This itself and my being an ACPL patron since I was a child played a role in generating my interests in libraries and my interests in books. These are also among the reasons why I have come to want to work in a library and why I chose to enter the LTA Ivy Tech program. It was after this that I was registered at Ivy Tech and attended my first year there from Autumn 2012 to Spring 2013. I got myself transferred to the Ivy Tech LTA Degree Program in order to complete an Associate’s Degree As A Library Technical Assistant in Autumn 2013.

I successfully graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Library Sciences as A Technical Assistant from Ivy Tech Community College on Friday, May 12th, 2017.

I’ve been familiar with and included with my interests in computers since I was a child. I have skills both with a Macintosh computer and a Microsoft Computer. My computer skills include using Internet Browsers Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, as well as using Microsoft Office Document Programs Word, Excel and PowerPoint, in the case of both Microsoft and Macintosh computers, as well as using an always-free typing program called Pages. I am skilled, with typing documents on computers, using any Internet browser for purposes including research and even for looking up materials for libraries.