Hello, everyone!  Welcome to The WordPress Official Website of The Library Portfolio of James Benjamin Tracey!  My name is James Benjamin Tracey, but you can either call me “Benjamin” or even just call me “Ben” for short, if you wish.

Here, you will find information about me and my library experiences.

An online website version and a hardcopy version of a Library Portfolio can make things easier for someone seeking employment at a library to prove himself/herself to have what it takes to be a candidate worthy of being hired.  That is one reason why I decided to do an online version of my Library Portfolio through a WordPress Official Website. Another reason I chose to do an online version of my Library Portfolio is because a Library Portfolio’s online version is easy to revise and edit at any time.  With the use of it, I can both easily keep it up-to-date and review it as often as necessary.  I can also reflect on it as I do. Reflection is a fundamental part of a person’s life, especially in cases such as looking for employment at a library.  A Library Portfolio can also show both possible future employers and the Library Portfolio’s maker the reasons as to why the person seeking library employment has what it takes to be hired.  It can be a reminder for its creator about how that person proved himself/herself to have what it takes.

A Library Portfolio can at least give its creator an additional amount of optimism for a job interview and an additional amount of confidence for a potentially long job search.

Feel free to step in and look around.  If you have any questions, feel free to also email me at jamesbentracey@hotmail.com.